Monday, 1 March 2010

Making a start on the Vehicle

It was about time i started to model the vehicle, however after discussing at some length with Dean i wasn't happy with the vehicle i had produced back in Pre-production. I felt it was a little weak in design and didn't really seem to fit my character as i wanted them to look like they belong together. Me and Dean talked about my character having more of a chopper bike type of vehicle to move around on and this would look much better and fit more into the Unreal universe. So i started to look into other vehicles in UT3 and came across the "Manta" that already ships within UT3 when you buy it from the shops. Here is some screenshots of the "Manta" and i decided that i would base my design upon this vehicle:

Having researched into the Manta at some length i started to create some rough sketches like i had produced back in pre-production below is some examples of the sketches:

In the end i narrowed the kind of shape that i was after down to the above picture with this as a template i created some Blueprints for the actual build of the Vehicle.
Here are those blueprints:

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