Sunday, 28 March 2010

Start of the Mini Gun Texture

I have been busy working away on the Mini Gun texture applying the same technique i used to create the Assault Rifle i have managed to get quite a good texture built in a matter of a few days.

Here is how i built up the Mini gun texture slowly adding textures as i go and at the same time i tend to do a quick render back in 3DS Max to ensure that the new pieces of texture applied look OK when rendered out.
Here's flat colours where applied to the model:

I then started to darken up the whole gun as the first base colour was to light i wanted my weapons to look battle scarred and used.
As i went along i built up little details here and there to help me visualise how the finished texture would look. Here i have applied little bolts to the magazine clips and main barrel chambers.

I wanted all my model to have a similar theme and look so whilst creating my textures i had to ensure that i was keeping consistent with the Assault rifle.

I eventually got to the point were i could add more decals and extra detail into the model i was particularly pleased with the decal i added on the side of the main gun barrel chamber i think it works really well. The whole model was starting to come to life and look more realistic i was happy with the last few days work.

Whilst creating the Mini Gun texture i managed to hold of a copy of V-Ray a renderer i had seen people use on the Internet. I wanted to experiment with V-Ray because in the back of mind i was thinking ahead and about when i come to doing my final renders of the models. It was interesting to see how V-Ray worked i liked the way the shadows where cast in the scenes, however i was not sure if i would use V-Ray as a final renderer or not.

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