Friday, 12 March 2010

Both Weapon Unwraps finished in no time at all.

After not logging anything for the past 3 days due to me unwrapping the two weapons the first think i want to point out is how much easier the weapons were to Unwrap compared to the Hoverbike. I think this was down to the fact that there was far less polys to consider and maybe it was due to having spent such a long time on the Hoverbike unwrap that i was just getting more used to the whole process.

I shall first display the Assault Rifle Unwrap and UVW Layout.
Below is the checker applied to the Assault rifle to again check for strecthes in the texture etc.

You may notice that on the grenade launcher Dean suggested to add in some riggers where the character would hold his weapon to make it more stable when firing or easier to carry around with him. I think this will be prominent once i start to texture it.
Now to show how i got on with the Mini Gun Unwrap, if you look at the picture below this was my first draft of the unwrap. Throughout unwrapping Nick Sadler gave me a piece of advice which was that when unwrapping all squares on the checker should be of equal size and length, i tried to keep to this rule throughout the process.
When Nick seen my Mini gun unwrap he said that the gun barrels where taking up too much space in the uv layout compared to the main body of the gun and that i should rearrange the layout by putting on all the gun barrels on top of each other and scaling up the main body so that more detail could me put into the texture later on. Here is the finished Mini Gun UVW Layout:
As you can see now there is alot more room in the UVW Layout for me to texture the main body area better. I was alot more pleased with this because the main body area would be what people focus more in on when looking at the Mini Gun fully textured.
Here is a series of screenshots with the checker applied to it:

With all models now fully unwrapped it was time to make a start on creating the final finished diffuse maps. Once all diffuse maps are created i will be able to it takes the diffuse and create the specular and normal maps.

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