Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Some quick adjustments are needed to the Assault Rifle

Before i carried on with my texturing of the Assault Rifle i decided to get some feedback off John. He was fine with how the diffuse was coming along, however there was some issues he had with the overall shape and functionality of the weapon.

The below images should explain what was needed to change, the scope sight needed to be brought forward in order for the character to properly look down the sight correctly. The magazine clip should be made longer in length for easier access when changing magazine clips & the ridges on the barrel should be removed as they would only get in the way in combat.

With this now in place i was able to carry on creating the texture for the Assault rifle after several hours work i eventually came up with with this design.
For now i am going to leave this Assault Rifle as it is as i am sure that there will be minor changes to the gun later on but i was pleased with my days work and it was time to move onto the Mini Gun.

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