Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Vehicle Unwrap complete

Well after 4 days of solid hard graft i have finally finished the Hoverbike Unwrap i found this to be much tougher to complete than the Character Unwrap trying to get the checker to sit correctly on the model was a task in itself. However the 4 days hard work i put into it have paid off as you will see below:

Here is the Unwrap work in progress as you will see it a very complicated Unwrap to do.

Here is the UVW Layout of the Hoverbike.

With the checker applied to it like i done with the Character i was able to see that once i create the Diffuse map for the vehicle everything will sit correctly on the model with no skewing or textures being stretched.

I am very pleased with how the Unwrap has turned out and once a diffuse is added i feel confident enough that the texture will not be strecthed. With this completed it was now time to move onto the Weapons.

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