Thursday, 18 March 2010

Things have not gone well again :(

Well after yesterdays attempt at creating the panels i have got up early today to try and resolve the problems i had. Unfortunately i have started again and i am still getting the same results not very smooth edges everything looks rough and the panels were also not straight and flowing properly with the characters torso.

I have highlighted below the area that i am not pleased with and not giving me the results i was looking for:

I decided put this to one side after i had attempted to create the panels again and have ago at the head. Within Z-Brush you can create a stencil and import an images and use this to help you create very fine detail so decided to have a crack at this. Using my reference material i had collected back in Pre-Production i place the images over the model of the face and started to sculpt out the wrinkles and skin pores on the face. Below are the results of what i produced for the head area:

Like before with the torso area i really wasn't getting the desired result that i was looking for with alot of rough edges being created and unnecessary lumps and bumps. I think i am going to have to re-think my work flow here as the Z-Brush work wasn't working for me. As i am fairly new to Z-Brush this could be the main factor and i now realise that alot more time is needed to perfect my skills within Z-Brush. Time that i simply haven't got as deadlines are getting tight i may have to look at alternatives to create the normal and specular maps for my character.

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