Friday, 5 March 2010

Adjustments to the Hoverbike

After blocking out a early version of the Hoverbike yesterday i have made some amendments to it. Firstly i wanted to change the wings on the bike so i rotated them 90 degrees to make it more slimline in design.

Here are the wings rotated 90 degrees:

I then added more detail by adding some Exhaust pipes, a set of mini guns on the front and also adding in some jets underneath the wings:

I was alot more happier with the Hoverbike now and i felt i could move on to the next job in hand which was to unwrap the rest of the models both Weapons and the Hoverbike ready for texturing. Unwrapping may take me a few days to complete so there may not be any diary entries whilst I'm doing so unless there are problem that arise.

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