Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Working in Z-Brush again

It was about time that i made a start on texturing the character properly and i made a start using Z-Brush. I have decided to start with the Torso and make a start creating the panels. The kind of look that i was aiming for was like out of Gears of War. I really like the way the characters armour was built up in this game and it looks really effective. Here is some quick pics on what i mean:

With this as good reference material i decided to have ago myself and see what i could come up with. It had been a while since i had last used Z-Brush i had not used it since i was on the FD course here at St.Helens college. After a couple of hours getting to grips with it again i had produced the panels but i wasn't happy with how things had turned out.

Looking at what i had produced the edges and strap areas where not coming out smooth they was coming out very rough and didn't look natural and at the same time i was struggling to get the desired effect like the Gears of War characters.

Ive decided to call it a day at this point as i have found this very time consuming and and very exhausting, I will have another go at it tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. This armour does look really nice, I like the look of the panels. They look a little too thin and flat for the chunky gears style armour. there's a 3ds model of Marcus floating about the internet somewhere that comes with the textures and stuff that's been ripped from gears that would be a great refrence.

    the shape of the shoulder pipes looks really nice and beliveable.

    great work