Saturday, 3 April 2010

I total re-think about the Hoverbike texture

After finishing the Hoverbike texture i sent some pics to John and also met Dean in college and when they saw what i had produced they said exactly the same thing to me. They said that i had got the whole diffuse map wrong in referring to the panelling. Basically this type of panelling should only be used on big destroyer type ships and never when a model will be seen close up. John suggested looking at how the vehicles in UT3 are textured and so i went into the Unreal Editor to have a closer look on how they had constructed their textures. So i went away again and deleted all of the panelling i had done and created a new texture here is the result of the new texture applied to the model.

I was alot happier with the overall texture now and this also met the approval of both John and Dean so i started to add some more decals into the model.

With this now complete it was ready to have the normal and specular maps applied to them which i shall producing in the next couple of weeks.
Here is the finished map i had created;

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