Friday, 16 April 2010

Creating the Body Normal map

Its time to create the Normal and Specular maps now and i have made a start on the body of the character first. The first things that i done was to bring in the diffuse map that i had already created. Once i had had this in place i Desaturated all the layers to make them greyscaled, still keeping them all on their own separate levels. I then went to the brightness and contrast in Photoshop and would experiment with the levels until i was happy with how the Normal map is produced. The way the NormalMap filter works is if the layer is all black it will stay uneffceted and stay flat, the lighter the layer goes the more bump you will see in the normal map.

Here is a pic of the diffuse map destaturated and i have also altered the brightness and contrast on each layer as i see fit:

This is the Normal map that Photoshop produced for me and i was very pleased how it turned out, i seemed to have produced much better results.

If we compare the character model with and without the normal map you can see a massive difference. Without the normal map applied the body texture is very flat and with it things are really starting to come to life.

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