Monday, 5 April 2010

Finishing the Assault rifle Diffuse

With everything that i had learnt whilst creating the Hoverbike and the advice John and Dean had gave me i wanted to go back and apply this to both the Assault Rifle and the Mini Gun. So i started with the Assault rifle. Dirtying it up alot more and also changing a few colours around really did seem to help and below is the final result.

You may have noticed also that i have added an attachment near the barrel area this was suggested by Dean as he felt that the barrel wasn't looking quite right and that it didn't look like it was part of the gun. I never even noticed until he mentioned it and i think it was a really good idea it makes the Assault Rifle more compact now and looks all as one. looking at the picture below you can really see a difference between the old and new textures and i was very pleased how it has turned out.

Here is the finished diffuse map that i came up with;

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