Thursday, 11 February 2010

Unreal Editor naming conventions

Having no prior knowledge of the Unreal Engine / Editor i was slightly apprehensive on how i was going to get on importing the character. As mentioned before in previous posts experimenting with just actually getting the UT3 Male character into UT3 really helped me get used to the whole process. Following this video tutorial provided by John i set about importing my character into the Unreal Editor.

I think the main thing that i must first point out is how important naming everything correctly is. The Unreal Engine is very particular about this and if not followed correctly the character will simply not work properly.

Unreal requires all texture maps to be saved out as .bmp files and up to 2048 x 2048 but i believe that a 1024 x 1024 is used most of the time so the character runs smoothly within the Unreal engine. Also these textures must all be named correctly in order to save any problems that may occur further down the line in the process.

Here is how i set out the naming conventions ready for the Unreal editor:

Here is how i should name the body textures:

CharacterNameHere_MBody01_D01_V01_SK1.bmp (Body Diffuse map)
CharacterNameHere_MBody01_D01_VBlue_SK1.bmp (Blue Body Diffuse map)
CharacterNameHere_MBody01_D01_VRed_SK1.bmp (Red Body Diffuse map)
CharacterNameHere_MBody01_N01_V01_SK1.bmp (Body Normal map)
CharacterNameHere_MBody01_S01_V01_SK1.bmp (Specular map )
Here is how i should name the head textures:

CharacterNameHere_MHead01_D01_V01_SK1.bmp (Head Diffuse map)
CharacterNameHere_MHead01_N01_V01_SK1.bmp (Head Normal map)
CharacterNameHere_MHead01_S01_V01_SK1.bmp (Head Specular map)

CharacterNameHere_BioPic.bmp (This is the profile picture within UT3 on the character select screen)
Here is how i should name the body parts in 3DS Max:


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