Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Texturing the character

With the Unwrap complete it was now time to start texturing the character this part of the process i really enjoy as to me it is at this point that things really start to seem to come to life. I started off with a base colour for the body and slowly built up the texture also checking back what it looked like on the model. Here's is two images to show the base metal texture and then some more finer detail added:

Base texture Concept texture

Again for the head texture i quickly put together a texture just to get something down:

This texture is by no means complete i just wanted to get a general texture down and apply it to my model to get a feel for it. Below is the above textures applied to my model:

Front view Side view
Although these textures are not fully complete it gave me a good idea on how the character is looking and with some basic textures laid down i thought i should move on to skinning the character in order for me to be able to import into the Unreal Editor.
I would like to also say at this point that during my texturing i have found a couple of websites that provide good quailty textures available to download for free.
Here are the URL's for the sites:


  1. As stated before I think the textures need alot of definition. shadowing and more detail will bring it to life.

  2. When i get the chance to update my blog i was going to mention that alot more detail needs to added into the armour etc. Im going to stick up some images from Gears of War and the likes and say what i like about them and say how im going to implement what ive observed and implemented them into my model. When i get home from work tomorrow i shall try and get completely up to date with the blog Dean.