Sunday, 14 February 2010

Time for some adjustments..

Having successfully getting my model into UT3 and running around, i met up with John once again and he suggested that i should go back and study my model and see what modifications and adjustments i could do to make the character even better.
  • The first thing that we agreed on was, my model through the production stage had lost all its muscle definition definition.
  • The human anatomy was wrong i.e. arms length to the leg proportions in particular.
  • Looking at the model i decided that some more added detail was needed.
  • A higher poly character would be created to add in straps and other fine detail. This high poly mesh would be taken into Z-Brush and this would create my Normal map, specular maps etc. Once the Normal maps were created the normal map would be applied to a lower poly mesh.
  • Also added into the model to bring out the silhouette even more and to make the model more interesting some blades were added to the left arm and a rocket launcher on the right. I shall be adding a emissive map onto the blades in order for it not to look like a Predator rip off. I think this will look rather cool as well and add something extra to the model.

Here is a closer look at the extra detail i have added to the character:

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