Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Looking at other artists work and how they detail their characters

Hi John I've been looking at the examples that you sent me and I've posted a couple of them up on here for everyone to see. What I'm not understanding is how detailed do i go in the modelling stage in 3DS Max and when do i stop and let Z-Brush do the work? I'm alittle concerned at the moment as I'm starting to go over budget as my character is already on 11,556 tris. Dean has told me that i can go up to 20,000 tris as this was his tri budget for the characters that he has created. So I'm not entirely sure the correct plan of action John?


  1. Hi Ste. These are pretty amazing images and goes to show just how detailed a charcter can get.
    I think there is no set place for you to stop modelling and start thinking about how much you create as a normal map.
    Eventually it will become instinctive and you will instantly see where to draw the line.
    I think for you its going to be a matter of decideing when to stop in max and take it into ZBrush yourself. If you are happy with the mesh as it is now then just go with it and start taking it into ZBrush. Its all about experimenting anyway at your stage of development.
    Are you in on Friday? It would be good to have you in so I can see where your at and we can decide where to go from there.
    I can shows you where I am at with my character I am creating too and show you how detailed I am going with mine.

    Dean :D

  2. Thanks for your comments Dean I'm currently adding more detail to the character as I speak so I shall post some new screenshots up as soon as I can. Yes I'm definately coming in on Friday usual time around 9.30 :)

  3. What dean says it true. At this stage its about experimenting and finding your own workflow. In future you will know when to stop in one package and start in another. In fact many artists now build in zbrush and retopoligise later, exporting into there 3D package a low poly version that they then re factor for export to the game engine. There are many ways to skin a cat.

  4. I think you still need to look hard at the examples and comment on them. What do you think is good and bad about these examples and how will you apply what you have learned by observation to you own work.What and how can they influence you. As discussed, use this blog more like a day to day what I am learning......Less portfolio work and more what Have I learned.