Thursday, 10 December 2009

Looking at the Arms so far.....

Now on to the arms on the whole the arms have not changed too much from the concept design and blueprints however there has been some alterations applied to it. If we look at fig.7 i have tried to keep the basic shape that i had done in the concept design phase. When i modelled the Arms back in October i noticed that the Arms looked too square and needed some extra roundness applied to them. The result i believe is much better as it makes the Arms more realistic.


I was really pleased how i modelled the Hands being able to keep everything as quads was a challenge but i think i was able to manage this part of the task quite well. In my previous attempt at modelling a Hand i struggled slightly and obviously i have learnt from my previous experience. Looking at the Hand up close in fig.8 this shows how i have managed to keep the polys evenly spread.

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