Thursday, 10 December 2009

Looking at the Boots so far.....

I would like to now talk about the boots and the progression that has been made up to the present day. The boots have also seen a dramatic change since the Production phase has started, my original blueprints had them very thin and elongated and looking at fig.5 i can see a huge improvement.
Having to change the shape of the boots to conform with the Unreal skeleton back in November i was alot happier with the shape of the boots but i felt that it needed more detail added to it take make them look more ecstatically pleasing to the eye. Although the shape of the Boots have changed in width and height i believe that i have been able to still maintain some of the original concept design, particularly the back end of the Boot. I think that adding the strap going around the back of the boot emphasis's it better and makes the boot look more unique in design.

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