Thursday, 10 December 2009

Looking at the Torso so far.....

I would like to now show how each body part has changed throughout development from the original concept design to the present day. To start off with i shall talk about the Torso and how it has changed over the past few months. I wanted to start off with the Torso as this has seen the biggest change since i started the development of the character.
If we look at fig.3 we can see that from my original concept design through to early development in 3DS Max things where looking very flat and un-interesting to look look at. Back in October in order to form the Torso alls i done to create it was to use a cylinder object and re-shaped it slightly. This was easily picked up on by my tutors and John and again with alot of things throughout development i could not see it at first until this was pointed out to me.


Back in October i can now say that i wasn't really looking at my original concept design properly and really considering how to create the form and shape that i had originally planned. It was suggested that i should start again with the Torso and this was a very good move i believe. It was at this point that i could see that things where not working or looking correct so i created a box object and started to re-shape the box accordingly. Back in October my torso had no form or shape to it in order to make the characters body stand out. Looking at how the torso is today i can see a massive difference between October and December.

Whilst i was creating the Torso it became apparent to me that i needed to put more detail onto the back of the character as my character will be in third person mode this is what the user would see more predominantly. In November i started to attempt to address this issue by putting in some pipes however it became clear that these pipes had no purpose or funtion. So having a re-think i decided to add a Jet Pack. I believe that this has worked well and really adds to the characters design in making it look more interesting to look at and also this helped bring out the silhoutte of my character.

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