Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Bringing out the Silhouette

After i have conformed to the Unreal Skeleton And meeting up with John a couple of weeks ago he told me that the re-sized character is now fine to be used in Unreal however i needed to add more detail to my character to create a good silhouette. A good silhouette is vital to any character so when implemented into Unreal players will be able to distinguish immediately who the character is. So i have set about added more detail into the character to create a good silhouette. Here is what i produced so far and i have also added the ear to the character:


  1. Coming along Ste. There are still some issues with it that I am not sure are working yet. Like the chest and stomach area. I think this needs some looking at. The head shape from the front still looks too square. I think this needs some shape adding still. The other thing is the big pipes coming out of the back dont quite work for me yet. I can see what your doing, adding to the silhouette but I am not sure iff two big pipes are it. Something to think about anyway.
    Hopefully I will see you this week maybe. So we can go over some of these Issues.

  2. I totally agree with you Dean regarding the face and the pipes on the back of the character i will attempt to amend these issues before i come in on friday.

  3. OK Ste, I think its time to take a step back and study not work on your model! Have you looked at the examples I gave you, regarding this phase of re-detailing?
    What have you observed?List these and then look at application.I want to see your observation on this blog....