Tuesday, 3 November 2009

All body parts together for the first time

I have worked on the character very hard over the weekend getting all the polys as neat as possible i have worked into the models and created the best edge flows as best i can. I have worked on all body part areas Arms, Torso, Legs, Boots and Head. Although i am not finished yet i wanted to see how my character was shaping up and here are a few screenshots to show how its looking. Current poly count is going OK actually I'm not far off the mark here is the current state of play regarding my Poly count:

Total Polygons = 4640
Total Tris = 9142
Total Verts = 4744


  1. At the moment i am under my tri count of 10,000 i have still got to add the ear and the belt to this but i think i am still on track to be under. John on a previous post you said "You may need to optimise the mesh upon the first pass." What does this mean exactly? does that mean once i have imported the model into Unreal?

  2. Hi Steve, I'll try to answer your questions by asking you consider a few.If you look at you model and then look at your Concept you will note that the silouette and proportion are different? The design does not match the Unreal rig. This is because the Unreal Rig does not follow real world proportion of a real human being? And your mesh does? So you need to find a solution to this? You have distributed the poly's across the surface to create even distribution but is this your point?Should you look at your poly count in terms of showing the surface detail in Silhouette?Do you understand what I mean? Here
    are a few examples. NB how the polys are used to show the form of the surface in Silouette.
    example.http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=075105 look at the flow of poly loops on the wire frame and then the detail.
    http://www.gameartisans.org/contests/dw/4/view_entries/finals_1_2711.html Same here....
    And http://bulgarov.com/rabagh_wireframe.html