Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Modelling the Traffic Cone

For this project i will be using Maya as this is a program that i have studying over the past few months since graduating but not really got my teeth into and thought that this will help me gain more confidence in Maya.

I started to model the traffic cone starting with a cylinder and re-shaping it accordingly mostly with the scale tool creating a very simple base.

Here is what i produced:

This was very much in its early stage but i decided to seek some advice from Nick Sadler at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. I sent my work to Nick and Nick sent me a screenshot of some early observations he had made. Here is that screenshot:

Even at this early stage my tri count was very high considering that it wasnt the complete build yet and at present the tri count stood at 128 tris. This would need to be address further on down the process.

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