Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A time for a change....

Well after having a couple of weeks off since handing in my work i have been toying round with some ideas for my next project. One of my ideas was to see if i could work in Maya instead of 3DS Max i thought this would be a good for me on a personal level as if i can show i can work competently in both of these applications i would stand a better chance of getting a job in the industry. Today i also received a email off Nick Sadler and he wants me to model a building preferably in Maya. Nick hasn't actually sent out the details yet but as soon as he has i shall post a new thread with the brief he has set out. In the mean time i shall be looking into how Maya works, so if anyone has some tutorials they could give me it would be muchly appreciated. The brief is to be sent out next week i think so stay tuned :)


  1. I'll send you a bunch of tutorials on your e-mail.

  2. Hi Swiss if you could send me some tuts asap that would be brilliant :)
    My email address is
    I'm getting the test probably on Monday so I need to get to know Naya as much as possible by Sunday night. Hope you can help us out mate. Nice one.