Monday, 31 May 2010

Building my first object in Maya

Well over the past week i have been trying to get to grips with Maya following some tutorials. Here is some screenshots of what i produced whilst just messing about without any tuts:

The following images are of what i modelled last night when i got home from work, I followed a tutorial provided to me by Jake Gainey thanks mate :)
I have covered the main building of the fire exstinguisher in Maya on this tutorial. It also covers applying a material and normal map to the object so im going to look into this in the next couple of days. Im quite pleased how it has turned out. Im have to say that from what i have seen so far there isnt a lot of difference between Maya and 3DS Max, im looking forward to producing some more models in Maya in the future.

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  1. No worries man. :) Nice work, you knocked that up pretty sharpish. I found the normal map generation in Maya to be really cool - I think you'll enjoy it. Keep us posted.