Friday, 7 May 2010

My work here is done. A big big thankyou to the following people....

Well i have finally finished all my work and it was handed in for assessment today so there is no more that i can do now but wait for my final results. I believe that i can find out my results on June the 14th via the Huddersfield University website. So as soon as i have any news i shall let everyone know how i have done.

I would just like to thank a few people on here for helping along the way whilst on my degree:

I would firstly like to thank my tutors Stas, Dean, Kate and Dave Woods for all their guidance and advice, "Thanks guys!"

I would also like to give a big big thanks out to John Dwyer my mentor, "Thank you John for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate you taking time out for me from your busy schedule. I couldn't of done everything i completed without your input i muchly appreciate it. Hope we can continue meeting up and creating some more work together."

Would also like to thank Rob Hannah and Nick Sadler, "Thanks chaps your input and opinions really helped me and will never forget what you have done for over the past two years."

I would especially like to thank my mum and dad for putting up with me especially over the past couple of months when i have been trying to get everything finished, "Thank you mum and dad it was a struggle but i got there in the end. Sorry being a bit snappy at you whilst finishing my work i was mega stressed, sorry. Hopefully everything i have put you through will be worth it. Love you xxx"

I would also like to thank my girlfriend Laura for being so patient and understanding whilst on the course, "Thank you babe for everything you have put up with, its been really difficult not seeing you as much i wanted to but it had to be done. You have been amazing and i wont forget what you put with over the past two years. Love you xxx."

I have been on my knees trying to get everything done over the past coming months and i believe that i couldn't of done anymore than i have done. I have thrown everything into this course and i can stand up tall and say that i couldn't of possibly done anymore than i have done. It has been very enjoyable and i have learnt so so much as well as improving on the skills that i already had.

I am going to continue on with this blog with my future projects that i shall create so please keep checking back for new updates throughout the year and beyond.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog as i have gone along and it is now time for me to have a long hard break away from my work and re-charge my batteries, i am fiscally and mentally drained.



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  1. Congratulations on getting all your work in and the presentation, Im happy that you have enjoyed the process and that the result has pleased you.Again a Hugh pat on the back well done Steven.