Friday, 2 October 2009

Poly or Tri Count Budget

Before i start to model the Character, his Weapon and the Vehicle i started to look at other models in the UT3 universe and other peoples mods on the Epic Games forum Over at the Epic Games forums there are lots of people creating Mods or custom models for other people to download and actually use themselves in UT3. I studied thier models and also how many polygons or Tris they had used, this would help myself in the long run because if my models are too high in polys on the models they simply wouldn't work in a game engine. Keeping the poly count down to a minimum is a must when building any kind of model for any game engine.

I come to the conclusion that i would set myself the following poly budget:

Character = 10,000 Polys or 20,000 Tris.
Weapon = 5,000 Polys or 10,000 Tris.
Vehicle = 5,000 Polys or 10,000 Tris.

Throughout college i have always worked in poly counts however having spoken to John, Nick and Rob a couple of times it appears that they tend to work counting in Tris not Polys.

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