Saturday, 10 October 2009

The start of modelling my character

Having implemented the Unreal Male character successfully into the Unreal Engine it is time to start modelling my character. In order for the character to be successfully imported into the Unreal Engine John advised me that the shape of my character would have to be changed slightly in shape to conform with the skeleton provided with Unreal. Following this advise and the Unreal skeleton i have modelled the character in separate parts: Arms, Legs, Boots, and Torso. I have separated each of these body parts as this is how you import your character into the Unreal Editor.

Here is the basic shape of the Arms so far:

Here is the basic shape of the Legs so far:
Here is the basic shape of the Boots so far:
Here is the basic shape of the Torso so far:
Here is the characters body parts altogether this is still work in progress so i shall update the blog as i go.


  1. Good work so far. As I have stated before there maybe even more re-work once you have the base mesh imported. I would start the process of replacing each part, one part at a time and see it working within Unreal. Then you can tweak away with the result. NB how the mesh works/does now work. Is there any major faults, each part intersecting incorrectly, or pushing poking through itself? You should also look at the amount of detail. Is the amount of geometry needed to describe the silhouette, in the right place, is the distribution of poly's and the edge loops in the right places for the squash and stretch to work with the animation etc ...

    This should be you next step after you have done that you can look at the material and texturing.

  2. Thanks for the comments John hopefully by the end of the week i shall have the base mesh for all the character, i will then be able to start importing them individually in to Unreal. I am pleased with what i have produced so far but there is still alot to do. Do you think that the distribution of the polys are ok? I still need to spread them out evenly John?

  3. Looking good, remember if you want to smooth out the distribution of polys, just copy the the object, apply a mesh smooth and use your original object to line up with the smoothed one...easy, well not but it helps. Keep it up fella.