Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Start of Modelling the Characters Head

I thought it was about time i got cracking on the characters head so here is what i have done so far. Initially i just wanted to block out the general shape of my character making sure as i go that i stick to quads or 4 sided polygons.

After blocking out the main shape i have continued to work into the face and i am very pleased with how it is now shaping up. I am particularly pleased that i have managed to stick very close to my concept design. I still feel there is room for improvement for now i am going to leave the face until i add in the ear, which is my next step.

Current Polygons = 2238 Tris = 4342 Verts = 2236

1 comment:

  1. Looking good so far. You may need to optimise the mesh upon the first pass. Just make sure you are in the bounds of your tri count. Seems a bit high. But I realise this is work in progress. Make sure you let the normal map do its job.