Thursday, 7 January 2010

A new addition to the family???

Having blocked out the Assault rifle and having another meeting with John we both came to the agreement that since my character is heavily built that it might be a good idea to give him a bigger weapon to hold as well as the Assault Rifle. In our meeting we discussed how in Team Fortress 2 there is a character called "The Heavy" this character is also bulky in size and posses a Minigun. With this in mind i decided that along side the Assault Rifle that i would produce a Mini gun also.

Here is a picture of "The Heavy" from Team fortress 2:

I then gathered lots of reference images from to give me a much better understanding on how to construct a Minigun here is just a sample of those images i had collected.

It was agreed that i would stick to the original plan of creating the Assault Rifle first and only if i had time would i carry on this idea of producing a Mini gun for the character as well.

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