Thursday, 21 January 2010

Looking at other artists work

I know that i have put up work by other artists up before but i have never really commented on them and i thought that this would be a good time to show some work again and attempt to show how they have helped me in developing my character and making him more unique. Some images you may have seen before i earlier posts and some new ones will be displayed as well. Alot of these images can be found at or at

fig.10 fig.11 fig.12 fig.13 fig.14 fig.15

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  1. I like your comments Steven, this is a very good way of learning from your peers. Keep it up, I would suggest that you do this at least once a week, looking at the net for ideas and the best work you can find. All in all the facility of the internet and its vast resource of reference is a great inspiration and learning tool that I think is used less than it should.Keep it up.