Thursday, 21 January 2010

Looking at the Silhoutte

I would just like to talk about my characters silhouette and how it has changed since Pre-Production. In Pre-Production and designing my concepts i couldn't see that my character had no real shape or form. Something that made my character instantly recognizable from a dist ants everything was very flat & dull. If we look at fig.9 this will illustrate how it has changed quite dramatically in places.
Hopefully fig.9 shows the comparison between Pre-Production and the Production stage. I think most notably there has been a significant change from the side view. Adding the Jetpack to the character has helped enormously and also extruding the shoulders has helped the character be more defined, more shape was added to the arms and leg areas in order to make the silhouette stand out more. As my characters shape had to change to conform with the UT3 skeleton this became alot more clearer to me. If i could go back to the Pre-Production stage again now i would definitely take this into account and this would be at the forefront of my mind in future projects. I would even say that i could of taken this a step further in creating a better shape and silhouette but as time is ticking i will have to leave it as it is unfortunately. I now know that having a good silhouette is very important when designing a character as this helps people to instantly identify the character immediately.


  1. Nice little evaluation of the process you have taken.

    Hope to see you in tomorrow.

  2. Thanks Dean i have been meaning to do this over the Christmas period but never got round to it. With getting stuck into the modelling i completely forgot about it to be honest. I shall be sticking some more stuff up here shortly so keep coming back :) Yep ill be in tomorrow no worries there :)