Sunday, 6 September 2009

A Quick Re-cap on the previous years work

Before i get started on posting my work up i would just like to explain what i produced on the first year of my BA (Hons) Degree. For the first year i had to decide what exactly i wanted to produce, I decided that i would produce the following over the two years:
  • 1 x Human character
  • 1 x Weapon
  • 1 x Vehicle

The reason that i decided on these three areas is that i wanted to show future employees what exactly i was capable of and that i could adapt to any given task assigned to me.

Year one of the degree would consist of Pre-production this would entail the following:

  • A Rationale
  • A Pitch Bible (This was to sell my proposed plan to my tutors and that everything was achievable that i had planned to do.)
  • A Gantt Chart (This would demonstrate what i would produce on a weekly basis over the two years)
  • Plenty of Research Pictures (This would mainly be taken off the Internet but also i visited museums and other such places like the Spaceport over the water in the Wirral)
  • Life Drawing classes (This helped me with the anatomy of the human body and understand proportions correctly)
  • Rough and initial sketches for the human character, his vehicle and his weapon.
  • Finished final Concepts for the human character, his vehicle and his weapon.
  • Blueprints for the human character, his vehicle and his weapon ready for modelling in the second year in the Production phase of the project.

Year Two of the degree would consist of Production and Post Production this would entail the following:

  • A Model Book (Basically a diary)
  • The character, weapon and vehicle would be built in 3D
  • All models fully textured (Normal, Specular and Diffuse)
  • The character will be fully rigged
  • All models will be built using the 3DS Max application.
  • All Textures and Maps will be created using the following applications Z-Brush, Photoshop and CrazyBump.
  • All models will be implemented into the Unreal Tournament 3 games engine
  • A portfolio showing final renders of finished models (This would be correctly lit worthy of showing future employees)

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