Tuesday, 15 September 2009

First Attempt at importing a 3D Mesh from Max to the Unreal Engine

After having a meeting with my mentor John Dwyer he suggested that i should firstly try and just import a already setup mesh into the Unreal engine. So i downloaded the UT3_Male.max file found on this page at:


In order to import the mesh i needed a plug-in for 3DS Max called Actor X found at: http://udn.epicgames.com/Two/ActorX.html

Having done this i began to follow a online tutorial: http://www.ut40k.planetunreal.gamespy.com/unreal-Dateien/ut3tuts/UT3_Character_tutorial_1.htm

I decided to start with importing the left shoulder pad and i immediately encountered my first problem. In Max with the left shoulder selected and under the Actor X plugin i called the Mesh file name: Left shoulder pad (See image below)

Upon entering the Unreal Editor and attempting to import the left shoulder .PSK file the Unreal Editor would not allow me to do it and would show me the following message:

I eventually over come this problem through trial and error and looking at the online tutorial correctly found that when i was naming the Mesh file name i was using a space in between so having erasing the spaces the left shoulder imported correctly. However following the tutorial i noticed that i had to Call the Mesh name correctly so i changed this file name to: testshoulder_LShoPad01

The tutorial explained that without doing this it simply wont work correctly so eventually i got the left shoulder imported into the Unreal Engine Editor (see below)

I decided to leave this for today and would try again tomorrow although i was unsuccessful in importing the character into UT3 this gave me a good idea on the task ahead.

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